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Title: Storm Before
Character(s): Franziska von Karma, her older sister
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Spoilers: AA and JfA.
Genre: Angst.
Warnings/Rating: None/PG.
Notes: In my head, Gabriele von Karma looks exactly like Fleur Delacour. I don't think we should even begin to count the things that are wrong with that :/ Anyway, I'm just posting this to clear up the endless backlog of bits and pieces I seem to have written this last month, and since I'm relatively happy with this one... well, yeah.
Summary: In the weeks before, there is a storm that never clears, and her father ensures it never will.

Her father never explains why.

Not to her face, at least. Of course, she knows he has confessed. She learns the words of his confession by heart in those final few weeks, poring over the photocopied document in between increasingly terse calls to the police department, incompetent fools that they are. It doesn't satisfy her, and neither does their response:

"I'm afraid he is refusing all contact, Ms. von Karma."

Each night, she makes that same call, the call she made in the morning and at lunch time, too. And always, the same hashed out response, from some poor uninformed fool who has undoubtedly drawn the short straw.

Gabriele clears up the pieces of her shattered cellphone on the last night without a word, her eyes downcast. Franziska turns away as well, staring out at LA skyline from her hotel window. She can't bear to look at her sister's kind face right now, when they're so far away from home and waiting to watch their Papa die. She just can't.

Her father never does explain.

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