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perverbially ([personal profile] perverbially) wrote on January 2nd, 2020 at 03:55 pm
Stickeh: Resource List + Disclaimer
This is a work in progress, as my resources are divided between two computers. If I've missed you, please just drop me a comment (they're screened), or send me an email at perverbially[AT]

[ profile] orangessky
[ profile] tinyicon
[ profile] wildsheepz
[ profile] candycrack
[ profile] crazydd
[ profile] joel_le
[ profile] 99mockingbirds
[ profile] anamcr
[ profile] aulxdays
[ profile] yunhe
[ profile] vikyvampirs
[ profile] leilax @ [ profile] the_preamble
[ profile] zeldona @ [ profile] mellowmint
[ profile] another_trauma @ [ profile] expose42
[ profile] crystalplane @ [ profile] 13balloons
Chambertin @ Deviantart
Lilyrach @ Deviantart
Yunyunsarang @ Deviantart

Weheartit.Com (Image searches)
Court-Records.Net (Phoenix Wright images)
Dafont.Com (Fonts)
Colourlovers.Com (Inspiration)

I own nothing. Literally, nothing. All copyrighted images, concepts, characters, songs, stock photos, etc., belong to their respective owners, and I am making no profit from any of this. It's just for fun. Okay?
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