04 September 2010 @ 11:37 pm
Title: Beep
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Spoilers: Nothing specific.
Pairing(s): Adrian Andrews/Franziska von Karma.
Additional Character(s): *drumroll?* ...Finn von Karma.
Genre: DOMESTIC FLUFF, OH YEAH. Never let it be said that I don't give you guys any thematic variation in my relentless Adrian/Franziska spam!
Contains/Rating: Enough saccharine-goodness to murder a diabetic elephant. Total U.
Notes: Man, I almost didn't post something Fradrian related for a whole 24 hours, there. Scary! I'm bored and lonely, okay. So you get some shameless, unbetaed fluff.
Summary: "He's beeping, Franziska."

Considering the view from the kitchen window for a moment, Adrian bites her lip as she pauses at the coat-rack, picking up an umbrella to add to the collection of "just in case" items weighing down the tiny rucksack on the kitchen counter.

Everything is ready, every possible variable catered for. Why, then, is she still so nervous?

...*beep* *beep*...
      ...*beep* *beep*...
           ...*beep* *beep*...

Adrian frowns at the confusingly familiar noise, quickly turning the expression into a rather strained smile as a fluffy blue head appears at her side, rising up on tip-toes to see into his lunch-bag. His face falls.

"I don't like apples, Mom."

"I don't think you've given apples a fair chance," she replies lightly, bringing the small boy up on to her hip to allow him a better view of his options. "Besides, look, you've got a peanut-butter jelly sandwich, too, see? And there's an orange in there, and juice - "

...*beep* *beep*...
      ...*beep* *beep*...
           ...*beep* *beep*...

"Finn," Adrian says, frown making an unwelcome reappearance as she brushes a little lint from her son's shirt, "why are you beeping, honey?"

"I'm not," Finn answers immediately; then, when the noise returns, "- wait, I am! That's funny. Mommy, I'm beeping, can you hear it? Listen - beep, beep, beep - !"

"Is there any particular reason why my kitchen is suddenly filled with foolishly beeping fools?"

Both faces turn to meet Franziska, leaning in the doorway with her arms crossed, the ghost of a half-smile on her lips. Adrian cocks her head in return, raising an eyebrow. "I was just going to ask you that, actually. Our son seems to have developed a nasty case of The Beeps. I don't suppose you know anything about it?"

"I'm sure I don't," Franziska replies, unfolding her arms and stepping forward to brush another (surely imaginary, by this point) speck of dust from the boy's shirt, before carefully adjusting his cravat with a tut. "Maybe he's managed to sneak his gameboy - ?"

...*beep* *beep*...
      ...*beep* *beep*...
           ...*beep* *beep*...

"It's louder!" Finn squeals, flailing delightedly in Adrian's arms. "Mama, you made it louder! How did you do that? I want to do it, too! Beep, beep, beep!"

"Hey, hey, careful - you're crumpling up your shirt, silly," Adrian grins, depositing the squirming, beeping child back on the ground. She fixes Franziska with an amused eye over his ruffled blue hair, pressing the bag into his hands. "Why don't you go let Scruffy out while we solve the mystery of the Magical Beeping Boy, hmm?"

"Just make sure you don't let him get his muddy paws on your uniform!" Franziska calls after Finn's receding back, shaking her head at the vague, blithe cry of, "Okay!" she receives in response. "Thank you for that, Adrian Andrews - you know perfectly well that foolish dog can never control his enthusiasm. I dread to think what Finn will look like when he returns - and after I spent near enough an hour making him look presentable, too."

Adrian tilts her head. "...in addition to planting tracking devices about his person?"

Franziska scowls, although it is strangely half-hearted, as though she was fully expecting to be found out. "Of course not."

"He's beeping, Franziska," Adrian points out needlessly, her smile widening. "Not exactly inconspicuous, is it?"

"It's merely a precaution," Franziska responds stiffly, looking out of the window at the boy running wild in the garden. "That school's security measures are far too lackadaisical for my tastes. What if he gets lost, or wanders off, as he is so prone to doing?"

"They have guard stations at both entrances, Franziska - I don't think we could have selected a more secure school if we'd sent the poor boy to boot-camp," Adrian says, chuckling fondly. When Franziska's brow remains lined with anxiety, Adrian links their fingers on the counter-top, running a thumb over the slight raise - visible even through the leather of her glove - at the base of her ring finger. "But I would be lying if I said I didn't feel the same. I guess it's true what they say - nothing is ever good enough for your own, is it?"

"No," is all Franziska says, but when Adrian squeezes her fingers, she returns the gesture fiercely, even as faraway eyes are fixed on the window. "No, it isn't."

They are quiet for a long moment, watching Finn throw a Frisbee across the lawn.

"He'll be all right," Adrian says eventually, a softly-spoken affirmation designed for her own churning insides as much as it is for Franziska's tensed form. "He's far tougher than we give him credit for, I'm sure of it."

"Well, he is a von Karma," Franziska agrees, allowing an unashamedly proud little smile to fade the edges of her frown. "Not to mention an And - " she breaks off, disentangling her hands from Adrian's and clutching the counter top, her smile fading as rapidly as it came.

"What's the - oh, no - "

"For the love of God, SCRUFFY! DOWN!"

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