07 June 2010 @ 01:17 am
(FIC: ADRIAN/FRANZISKA) If Love is Surrender - Chapters 1&2  
Title: If Love is Surrender
Fandom: Ace Attorney
Spoilers: Major JfA spoilers; other games, too, if you squint.
Pairing(s): Adrian Andrews/Franziska von Karma
Additional Character(s): Matt Engarde, Miles Edgeworth, Maya Fey, Pearl Fey, possibly others in later chapters.
Genre: Drama/Action.
Summary: Adrian Andrews saves herself.
Warnings/Rating: Oh, my. Let's see. Strong violence, both physical and psychological, very real suicide triggers, mental illness (in particular, disassociative symptoms), foul language, alcohol abuse, drugging, and to top it off... mentions of self mutilation. So. Um. Adult?
Notes: This is the longest thing I've written in years. My god. My eternal gratitude goes to [ profile] prunesquallormd for sharing their betaing talents with someone still struggling to find their writing feet once more :3 You are invaluable, love. Other credit goes to Frou Frou, for their beautifully eerie song, "Psychobabble", from which the title of this fic (and subsequent chapter titles) have been taken.
Disclaimer: S'cool, Capcom. I'm just borrowing, I promise.
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